The Day We Rick Rolled Pinterest

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Last week marked an overlooked holiday: the anniversary of the Rick Roll.

Yes, Tuesday May 15th marked the 5 year anniversary of the internet meme we’ve come to know and love, courtesy of Rick Astley‘s musical genius. As a team at Engauge, we saw it fit to pay tribute to hoodwinked links that let people down by directing to a song that talked about NOT letting people down (irony huh?).

How did we do it?

Recently, I signed up for a Pinterest analytics service called Pinerly. As a platform, Pinerly allows me to upload any image file that I want to and link it to any URL that I see fit, whether that image lives on the URL or not. Pinerly sets each image up as a “campaign” and tracks metrics such as likes, comments, repins and most importantly…click throughs.

Aggregating several photos that looked very Pinterest friendly, we (being @nicola_smith22, @ktmel and @richardpaulguy) uploaded several images linking to this Tumblr blog. The post not only auto-played Rick Astley’s classic hymn but also listed several Pinterest-friendly images for viewers (i.e Ryan Gosling, Paris, quotes and babies) to pin themselves and try to hoodwink their friends. In addition, we had copy written by Engauge copywriter Brandon George explaining the holiday and asking people to try and fool their friends.

What were the results for that day?

  • 10 pins
  • 533 clicks
  • 2,424 repins
  • 3,954,575 people reached

A portion of my Pinerly dashboard

Those numbers only reflect pins that we posted through Pinerly. If one was to track how much traffic we garnered through user-generated pins.

We learned a lot that day. One: Rick rolling still hasn’t gotten old to people. Also, we learned how to use Pinerly from a campaign perspective. Sure, their platform is meant to be used in a more “honest” perspective. However, their analytics and pin performance reporting is the best I’ve seen out there so far. In addition, we learned that a call to action in the description portion of a pin really drives engagement versus a very generic description.

We most likely helped facilitate the rick rolling of a few thousand people in one day while testing out a new platform and Pinterest user behavior. Research and development is fun :)

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  • Jennifer Straub

    This is great, Drew! I think you were the one who taught me the meaning of Rick Rolling. True story. We’ve been discussing the use of Pinerly lately and this is a great little case study to have in our back pocket :)

    • Drew Hawkins

      Pinerly is an interesting tool, one of the more robust ones at the moment. I think I do remember teaching you Rick Rolling!

  • Kelly Lieberman

    Drew ~ you and your team are always one step ahead! This is awesome and clearly illustrates how Pinerly works and the benefits of a CTA in the description and of course the amazing (and irresistible) power of Rick Astley!

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